Polls for 2016 AGM
Wednesday 16th December 2015

Your webmaster has been requested by several players to conduct polls on the following as they cannot believe what they have read in the AGM proposals.

Associate member clubs should not be allowed to vote on matters relating to other than the 3rd XIs. The Management Committee incorrectly allows this to ensure some proposals are pushed through.

The proposal referred to in Poll 1 is supposedly in response to a National Cricket Playing Survey (NCPS) which closed on 15th July 2015 and apparently revealed players wanted shorter matches and earlier finishes, the Get The Game On Initiative and alleged feedback received during the 2015 season.

In 2015, 840 people played in 1st XI league matches, 262 in the ECB Premier League, 271 in the First Division and 307 in the Second Division. What percentage of those will be wanting a 12:00 noon start?

Regarding the changes in Poll 2, it's nothing to do with the 'Euros' next summer is it? No. Can't be. It'll be the cricket season.

POLL 1 (see POLL 7 below)

What time do you want to start your 1st XI league match?

1:00 pm

12:00 noon



Should clubs be allowed to bring forward the starting time of matches by up to 2 hours?



Should the delay time before a 1st XI match can be abandoned be increased from 2 to 3 hours?



Should the 'last hour' be delayed in 1st XI matches by up to 30 minutes for adverse weather and/or light conditions?



Should New Brighton and Wallasey be allowed to play their Bank Holiday fixture on the Monday whilst other teams play theirs on the Saturday?



Should the start time of 2nd and 3rd XI matches be brought forward by 45 minutes?


For your information, not only is the Cheshire County League proposing bringing start times forward by 30 minutes, from 12:30pm to 12:00pm for 1st XI matches, but they are proposing to reduce their 110 over matches to 100 overs,  apply restrictions for the number of overs a bowler may bowl to a maximum of 17 in a 55 over innings and also have fielding circles. Basically, they're turning their league cricket into knockout cricket which you could say it was anyway by playing 'overs cricket' instead of 'time cricket'.

On the basis that the Cheshire County League is reducing its matches from 110 overs to 100 without being penalised by the ECB, the LDCC could reduce its 1st XI matches by 35 minutes ([6017] x 10 = 35.29). We could still start at 1:00pm but have the 'last hour' starting at 6:10pm instead of 6:45pm.


If we're talking about reducing playing time, we could still start at 1:00pm, reduce match time by 35 minutes and start 'last hour' at 6:10pm instead of 6:45pm.



Whilst the 2nd and 3rd XIs share similar playing times should

the voting for change of times for 2nd and 3rd XIs be done separately?
the voting for change of times for 2nd and 3rd XIs be done together?


If the voting for change of times for 2nd and 3rd XIs is done together, should associate members be allowed to vote even though they have nothing to do with 2nd XI matters?