Proposals and results of the 2016 AGM
Thursday 14th January 2016

The outcome of Tuesday's AGM is detailed here.

There was a distinct muffled titter when the Secretary said "The L&DCC is proud of its long democratic tradition, these votes were a triumph for that tradition."

That comment is from a Management Committee that frequently rings clubs before an AGM or SGM to tell them how to vote. It doesn't know the meaning of democracy.

It continues to have itself voted in en bloc, which is contrary to the Constitution, to ensure that none of its carefully selected members fail to reach the 51% majority required to remain in office. What makes it worse is that the clubs are so ignorant of the rules, they go along with them.

The starting time for 1st XI matches remain unchanged, at 1:00pm.

Surprisingly the proposal to allow New Brighton and Wallasey to play their 'derby' match on a Bank Holiday Monday went through despite an opposition of 78% on this website's recent poll. Clearly some clubs are not taking the views of their players into consideration.

Teams in the ECB Premier League now have to display 'live' scores on TCS. Clubs such as Lytham, Rainford, Rainhill and Wallasey who previously have neither scored on a laptop nor displayed 'live' scores will now have to fall in line to avoid being fined. This involves purchasing a licence to broadcast. The licence is not transferable between computers.

This extra task may lead to some clubs having to supply a second scorer to fulfil the requirements.

Clubs will also have to have WiFi installed as an alternative to expensive to run dongles for their laptops. As most clubs have Sky TV, free WiFi is available as part of the package (see below).

Furthermore, WiFi is not available is all areas.

What the LDCC Management Committee has failed to publicise is that a large number of the second hand laptops it purchased as a job lot some years ago were substandard and have given up the ghost.

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