Knockout matches and 'unsure' players
Saturday 11th June 2016

The following 'message' is from the LDCC Management Committee.

Clubs need to work together

The Management Committee is sick and tired of hearing from clubs who cannot mutually agree cup date arrangements. This is happening far too frequently this season across all the cups including the T20's. Invariably we receive conflicting accounts from both clubs followed by claim and counter claim. We do understand that there is a lot of cricket being played but our message is clear - sort it out. If it can't be done by the reserve date (see below) then the next step is a coin toss or, at the extreme, the elimination of both teams.  

For avoidance of doubt and with due respect to competitions such as the Echo Cup and the Wigan T20, ALL Cup games played under MI Dental L&DCC regulations at 1st, 2nd, 3rd X1 U21 and U16 level as well as the ECB U19 T20 must take priority.


The rules for all these competitions allow for one week's automatic extension to the scheduled play-by date.  Because of the unprecedented weather conditions in April the rules have been relaxed for the main 45/40 over competitions. Regretfully, some clubs seem to have taken this relaxation into their senior 20/20 matches such that a total of twelve fixtures beyond their reserve date are still to be played.  Despite several requests that clubs advise the various league officials when they intend to play, too often we only discover the dates from changes on play-cricket.com. If any of these twelve matches remain unresolved after seven days beyond the reserve date the Management Committee will determine the winner by coin toss. For future rounds, unless there are exceptional weather events, the reserve dates must be observed and match results must be achieved by one of the several options available.

Clubs must keep the ARSecs for the various competitions advised of the arranged dates for cup ties and not simply change play-cricket.com.  

UNSURE PLAYERS ON play-cricket.com

We remind clubs that play-cricket.com shows any unregistered players on scorecards as 'unsure'. 

At 1st and 2nd XI these players are deemed to be ineligible and their team defaults on the match. At 3rd XI teams have 48 hours to register such players and put their names on the play-cricket.com scorecards.  Failure to do this will result in a 5 fine but the match result is allowed to stand.  To date there have been numerous instances where fines could have been applied but have not been. 

Please note that from the date of this posting all 'unsures' will attract a 5 fine.