Players call for Chairman's resignation
Thursday 9th June 2016

The Liverpool Competition's players are today calling for the resignation of league Chairman, John Williams.

Already despised by players and clubs alike, it has been revealed that he was watching his club Rainford, of which he is Chairman, play Colwyn Bay at Penrhyn Avenue on Saturday 4th May when he made inappropriate comments towards umpire Howard Taylor concerning some of his decisions as the umpires and players were leaving the field.

The result of this is that Howard Taylor has ceased umpiring but the following reason was placed on the umpires' website on Wednesday 18th May:

"Howard Taylor will be resigning from MCUA after his match on 6th June because he wants to spend his spare time with his family, particularly his grandchildren."

Howard has been a valued member of the MCUA for some years and during that time built up a reputation of being a good, fair and well liked umpire.

So Howard, if the incident at Colwyn Bay was the true reason for your standing down, don't let the actions of an idiot force you into making that decision.

This is not the first time an instance of this sort has happened as Williams was involved in the verbal abuse of another umpire, this time his partner in a match in 2014. He refused to apologise after being confronted by one of the captains.

It will be interesting to see what action, if any, is taken by the Management Committee and what excuses are made to cover up one of their own.

From the false allegations created for the dismissal of the league's long serving Fixtures and Results Secretary in 2012 to their supporting of a convicted fraudster in 2014,  the corruptness of the Management Committee continues.

To quote DCI Roy Slater from Only Fools and Horses: "So get out of that one, Perry."