Answers to the Christmas Quiz
Monday 2nd January 2017


1. Name the 17 year old whose 8-30 against Leigh in May was the season's best bowling performance. TOM HARTLEY

2. Northern were finalists in 2015 but how far did they reach in 2016? THEY LOST TO ORMSKIRK IN THE THIRD ROUND

3. Which Liverpool Competition team reached the semi finals only to lose at South Northumberland? ORMSKIRK


4. Who took four wickets in six balls to win the match for his team in July? LIAM GREY FOR NORTHERN AT NEW BRIGHTON

5. Who scored 90 league runs in 2016 after reaching 1030 for his former club in 2013? IAN CARROLL

6. Who finished top of the batting averages in 2016? ROSS ZELEM (LEIGH)

7. Which leg spinner took 78 wickets at an average of 11.67? MATTIE McKIERNAN (LEIGH)

8. The highest score was made on the first day of the season but can you name the batsman? JOSEPH NOCTOR (RAINFORD) AT NEW BRIGHTON

9. How many times did Mohammad Aslam take five wickets or more in an innings? TEN

10. Name the batsmen involved in a partnership of 202 against Wallasey. MIKE JONES AND JOHN ARMSTRONG FOR ORMSKIRK'S THIRD WICKET

11. Birkenhead Park won their fifth match of the season but how many matches did they lose before winning their second? NINE

12. There were ten instances of a team batting for more than 55 overs in their first innings but who faced the most? RAINHILL, 66 OVERS AT NORTHERN

13. Name the wicket keeper who claimed most victims during the season? MATTHEW HIBBERT (LEIGH) 37 (ct 34, st 3)

14. Two teams were bowled out for 56 in their second innings, can you name them? BIRKENHEAD PARK AGAINST LEIGH AND RAINFORD AT LEIGH

15. 538 runs were scored in one match on April 23rd but who were the participating teams? NEW BRIGHTON (267-3d) v RAINFORD (271-6)

16. How many bowlers conceded 1000 runs during the season and can you name them? THREE, RAVINDA PALLEGURUGE (BIRKENHEAD PARK) 1193, TOM SEPHTON (NORTHERN) 1175 AND SHRIKANT MUNDHE (COLWYN BAY) 1048

17. There were three instances of a bowler conceding more than 100 runs in a match, can you name the bowlers? DAVID WHILE (NEW BRIGHTON) 118 v LYTHAM, RAVINDA PALLEGURUGE (BIRKENHEAD PARK) 103 v LEIGH AND 100 v COLWYN BAY

18. Who has taken most wickets in the division? ASHRAF NAWAB (782) FOR HUYTON AND NEW BRIGHTON

19. How many runs were scored and how many wickets fell during the season? 40,590 RUNS AND 1,923 WICKETS

20. Which ground yielded most runs? NEW BRIGHTON (4233)

21. Which ground yielded most wickets? RAINHILL (170)


22. Which team was dismissed for 78, 77 and 79 in successive matches at the start of the season? SOUTHPORT AND BIRKDALE

23. Who scored most runs during the 2016 season? WIGAN'S AARON REDMOND (922)

24. Name the batsman whose 124 was the highest score of the season. DANNY NOLAN (NORTHOP HALL) v MAGHULL

25. Who returned to a former club and finished top of the wickets list? ROBBIE HOUGHTON (SEFTON PARK) 67

26. Name the wicket keeper who claimed most victims during the season? LEE RIMMER (FLEETWOOD HESKETH) 30 (ct 13, st 17)

27. Who included a hat trick in his 7-83 at Orrell Red Triangle? SAM ROTHERHAM (HIGHFIELD)

28. Name the bowler who conceded most runs during the 2016 season. KIERON NEW (PRESTATYN) 1050

29. One batsman carried his bat during the 2016 season, can you name him? JAKE BROWN (ORRELL RED TRIANGLE) 76* AT SEFTON PARK

30. How many runs were scored and how many wickets fell during the season? 34,539 RUNS AND 1,803 WICKETS

31. Which ground yielded most runs? MAGHULL (3683)

32. Which ground yielded most wickets? SEFTON PARK (188)


33. This team had six totals of less than 100 with the lowest being 35. Name the team. PARKFIELD LISCARD

34. Which team posted the highest total of the season? SPRING VIEW, 280-5d AT SOUTHPORT TRINITY

35. Name the three batsmen who passed 500 runs TATENDA TAIBU (HIGHTOWN ST MARY'S) 737, MARTYN BRIERLEY (SKELMERSDALE) 546, JOSH BIRCH (WAVERTREE) 545

36. Who topped the wicket keeping tables with 31 victims? TATENDA TAIBU (HIGHTOWN ST MARY'S) 31 (ct 27, st 4)

37. Who is the division's leading run scorer? BRENDAN DOMIGAN (4041)

38. Despite being relegated, Sutton only lost 7 matches. Which team lost the most? PARKFIELD LISCARD (11)

39. How many matches did Skelmersdale win in succession at the beginning of the season? TEN

40. Name the former Lytham bowler who took 66 wickets for the champions. DANNY EDWARDS

41. Who has taken most wickets in the Second Division? NAZIM MOHAMMED (281)

42. How many runs were scored and how many wickets fell during the season? 30,728 RUNS AND 1,859 WICKETS

43. Which ground yielded most runs? CALDY (3363)

44. Which grounds yielded most wickets? HIGHTOWN ST MARY'S AND SOUTHPORT TRINITY (182)


45. Which team hit 294-2 against Rainhill in the semi final but lost in the final? COLWYN BAY