Pitch marks and MCUA Umpires' mid season report for the period April 21st to June 30th
Saturday 28th July 2018

 Pitch marks 

The following are the average pitch marks awarded to L&DCC 1st XIs during the first half of the season by MCUA umpires, ie for the first eleven weeks of the season.

Marks are out of twenty and are based on four categories: even bounce, seam movement, carry and bounce, and turn with each scoring a maximum of five marks.

These categories are as required by the ECB and remain unchanged in 2018.

      ECB Premier League         First Division         Second Division  
1st     Highfield 19.6 1st     Sefton Park 17.4 1st     Caldy 18.0
2nd     New Brighton 18.0 2nd     Birkenhead Park 17.0 2nd     Southport Trinity 16.8
3rd     Colwyn Bay 17.3 3rd     Orrell Red Triangle 16.6 3rd     Old Xaverians 16.4
4th     Leigh 17.2 4th     Newton le Willows 15.8 4th     Northop Hall 16.3
5th     Ormskirk 17.0 5th     Wigan 15.8 5th     Hightown St Mary's 16.0
6th     Formby 17.0 6th     Prestatyn 15.6 6th     Parkfield Liscard 15.7
7th     Rainford 16.6 7th     Wavertree 14.7 7th     Maghull 15.4
8th     Lytham 16.5 8th     Liverpool 14.6 8th     Sutton 15.0
9th     Northern 16.4 9th     Southport and Birkdale 14.5 9th     Spring View 14.8
10th     Bootle 16.0 10th     Burscough 14.2 10th     St Helens Town 14.7
11th     Wallasey 15.3 11th     Fleetwood Hesketh 14.2 11th     Alder 14.5
12th     Rainhill 15.2 12th     Ainsdale 12.6 -     - -


16.8       average 15.2       average 15.8

 MCUA umpires' mid season report 

The marks are the averages of the Spirit of Cricket Marks awarded to the L&DCC 1st XIs of each club during the first half of the season by MCUA umpires, ie during the first eleven weeks of this season.

The Spirit of Cricket marks are out of 5.0.

In 2018 and as promised in 2017, the 'raw' average Spirit of Cricket marks from the umpire’s cards are here adjusted such that each player who has been disciplined reduces the average club card mark by minus 0.1 of a full mark on each occasion.

A Spirit of Cricket mark of 5.0 therefore means that this club has achieved a 5 out of 5 from each umpire in every game so far and has not had a player disciplined in 2018. We are delighted that 22/35 - well over half - (63%) of clubs have achieved this very high standard and look forward to that number increasing in the second half of the season.

      ECB Premier League         First Division         Second Division  
1st     Colwyn Bay 5.0 1st     Ainsdale 5.0 1st       Alder 5.0
2nd     New Brighton 5.0 2nd     Birkenhead Park 5.0 2nd     Caldy 5.0
3rd     Northern 5.0 3rd     Burscough 5.0 3rd     Hightown St Mary's 5.0
4th     Wallasey 5.0 4th     Liverpool 5.0 4th     Maghull 5.0
5th     Formby 4.9 5th     Newton le Willows 5.0 5th     Northop Hall 5.0
6th     Lytham 4.9 6th     Prestatyn 5.0 6th     Parkfield Liscard 5.0
7th     Ormskirk 4.9 7th     Sefton Park 5.0 7th     Southport Trinity 5.0
8th     Bootle 4.8 8th     Southport and Birkdale 5.0 8th     Sutton 5.0
9th     Highfield 4.8 9th     Wavertree 5.0 9th     St Helens Town 4.8
10th     Rainhill 4.8 10th     Wigan 5.0 10th     Spring View 4.8
11th     Rainford 4.7 11th     Orrell Red Triangle 4.8 11th     Old Xaverians 4.6
12th     Leigh 4.1 12th     Fleetwood Hesketh 4.7 -      
      average 4.8       average 4.9      average 4.9

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