Discipline Reports, Agreed Actions
Saturday 17th November 2018

A difficult season for the Disciplinary Committee has ended with several incidents in the last weeks of the season being settled.

Postings in September and October referred to the problems surrounding the Ray Digman Knockout Trophy semi final between Bootle CC and Northern CC which amongst other things imposed a TWO WEEK ban on Craig Prince and a further TWO WEEKS suspended.

An umpires report explained events leading to the concession of the match by Northern CC and the abusive comments made by Craig Prince at the toss.

This offence immediately triggered the suspended ban and, after lengthy discussion, Bootle CC agreed that a further TWO WEEKS ban should be imposed with TWO WEEKS suspended until the end of 2019.  The ban will commence at the start of the 2019 season.

The umpires also reported two Northern CC players, Jack Boardman and Stephen Cole, for abusive obscene language to Craig Prince.

Both players have been banned for TWO WEEKS with TWO WEEKS suspended to the end of 2019.  One week was served by both players on 15th September.

Meanwhile, Northern's captain, James Cole, who wrote in a tweet "I have the Management Committee in my back pocket", goes unpunished.

An umpires report was received on 17th September from the 1st XI match New Brighton v Bootle.

The New Brighton player Mark Rowland dissented the umpire's decision with obscene comments calling the umpire a cheat and has been banned for TWO WEEKS commencing at the start of next season with a further TWO WEEKS suspended until the end of the 2019 season.

A comment on this season is not only that there have been far too many disciplinary offences but that clubs must take note of what is happening with the bans being imposed on players from other clubs.

It is essential that we are all being consistent in the level of penalties being imposed in accordance with the tariffs in the Regulations.

Also, if umpires advise after the match that a report will be made, there are just two options available under Clause 3.8.4 - the player is banned by the club for the next week or the club must advise the Disciplinary Secretary within 48 hours of the incident occurring that they wish to dispute the umpires' decision to make a report.

The delays in reaching agreement with clubs is sending the wrong message to everyone and making the work of the Disciplinary Committee far too time consuming.

It is hoped that 2019 sees a vast improvement in behaviour by players and in dealing with any umpires' reports by clubs.

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