Lancashire supporters object to travelling to Sedbergh
Tuesday 5th March 2019

This website has been asked to post the following article.

"Lancashire County Cricket Club members and supporters are astonished at the ludicrous decision by the club to allocate the Specsavers Championship home match against Durham on June 30th to the remote rural location at Sedbergh School in Cumbria, some 81 miles from Lancashire's headquarters at Old Trafford.

"This fixture could have been played at Liverpool, Blackpool or Southport and Lancashire members and supporters are encouraged to contact Lancashire County Cricket Club and register their disgust at this amazing decision."

Meanwhile, comments are gathering on Twitter. One by the 'Lancs Action Group' reads:

"Average annual rainfall - Manchester 929 mm, Southport 868 mm, Blackpool 810 mm, Liverpool 810 mm and wait for it Sedbergh 1173 mm. 45% more than Liverpool & Blackpool & 35% more than Southport!!! It's ok folks i'm sure you can shelter in the Masters dorm."

others read:

"Forget a picturesque ground, forget involving Cumbrian & Durham cricket fans (& Yorkshire). The only reason Lancashire have turned down 200 Lancashire grounds & moved to a public school in the middle of nowhere is money. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Thanks for that Lancs. Great repayment to Blackpool for all they’ve tried to do to accommodate you. Oh by the way have you seen how the hotel/b&b prices around that area have shot up?"

"Usually follow Durham away but will be giving this one a miss. Very little public transport and few hotel rooms. Goodness knows what cricket clubs in Lancashire think of this."

"Shocking decision. Such a shame so many locals who support LCC will have to travel so far to support. So many local grounds at the heart of Lancs where this could be played. Money from a local club."

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