Pre season meeting
Thursday 7th March

The pre season Special General Meeting to be held at Wadham Road, home of Bootle CC on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 7:30 pm.

Clubs are reminded that attendance at the meeting is mandatory and 'whole club' apologies may not be given.


1. Welcome

Roll Call

2. Chairman's opening remarks

General remarks
Fixtures introduction, see also 3.2 below
ECB changes to registration categories

3. Administrative Procedures

3.1 List of Hand Outs

Meeting Agenda
Handbooks x 10/15/20/25/30
ECB team sheet cards
Club specific MRFs cup and league - see 3.6 below
MoU 2019 participation offer
List of non England/Wales born players Cat 1b, 3a and 3b for signing - see 3.3 below
Financial papers, see 3.8 below
Tiflex balls as ordered

3.2 Fixtures 2019

Matches tba

3.3 Registration Procedures

Dual Registrations within the L&DCC
List of non England/Wales born players Cat 1b, 3a and 3b
Use of 2019 Player Release Forms
Updating email addresses     

3.4 Changes to Playing Regulations

3.5 Cup Competitions Governance

1st XI: Ray Digman Knockout Trophy, Ray Tyler Shield, Vitality CLUB T20, Liverpool Echo Knockout
2nd XI: Chester Cup, Tittershill Cup, Chrysalis Cup
3rd XI: Mike Leddy Cup, Embee Trophy

3.6 Third  XIs Governance

Use of MRFs and exchange of team sheets

3.7 MCUA

Changes to Laws of Cricket 2019, see also 7.1 below

3.8 Financial Papers 

Subscriptions now due
Invoices for subscriptions for 2019 L&DCC subscriptions, LCF subscriptions,
Handbook contributions, PDP charges, pink ball costs thereof

3.9 Discipline

Disciplinary Regulations
Players carrying a suspended ban forward into 2019

3.10 ldcc.play-cricket.com

Reporting of results procedures 2019 MRFs 

3.11 Player Development Programme update

4. Women’s and Girls Cricket


General Matters

6. Matters Relating to Club Welfare

7. Representative Cricket

U12s, U14s, U18s, U19s, U21s All Age
ECB/LCF U19s, ECB/LCB T20 2019
LCB KO 2019 rule changes 

8. Club and Ground

C&G Inspections

9. Any Other Business

10. Closure of Meeting