Changes to batting points
Saturday 24th April 2021

Clubs are reminded that changes were made to the awarding of batting points in 2nd and 3rd XI matches at the 2020 AGM, but because league matches were cancelled in 2020 owing the Covid-19 pandemic, they weren't implemented,

So, as a reminder, from this season onwards, batting points in 2nd and 3rd XI matches will be awarded as follows:-

One point will be awarded at intervals of 25 runs from 75 to 175, ie

1 pt at 75,
2 pts at 100,
3 pts at 125,
4 pts at 150, and
5 pts at 175.

Bowling points remain as previously, one point for every two wickets, ie

1 pt for wickets,
2 pts for 4 wickets,
3 pts for 6 wickets,
4 pts for 8 wickets, and
5 pts for 10 wickets.

see also:

Why not take a copy of the L&DCC points system and keep it in your scorebook?

This was introduced so that teams didn't feel left out if they were dismissed for less than 100. Surely they don't deserve any points at all if that happens.