Liverpool Echo Knockout shelved for 2021
Tuesday 1st June 2021

 Liverpool Echo Invitation Cricket Knockout 

People have been waiting for the return of the Liverpool Echo Invitation Cricket Knockout after last year's cancellation owing to the Covid-19 pandemic but they will have to wait for another year at least.

A quotation offered by the L&DCC states "We understand clubs will be disappointed as it is a popular competition. However, we are fully committed to continuing next year."

Is this yet another lie?

That guarantee came from someone who reckoned he'd played for Lancashire and yet the County has never had anyone with his name representing them.

So we wait with baited breath.

If organised properly, competitions like this are easy to run but it seems in this case, it is beyond someone's capability. There is no excuse why it can't be played this year.

The knockout, now run by a misguided Liverpool Competition committee, is deemed as not important enough as "they will be focusing on its core competitions." A pathetic excuse. Having said that, nothing ceases to amaze with the current committee. With competent personnel, leagues and knockouts run themselves. That is clearly not the case here. The expression involving the word 'brewery' springs to mind.

Since the L&DCC took over the running of the Knockout several years ago, we have seen a persistent tampering of the rules, eg changing the number of overs a bowler may bowl from five to four, the adoption of standard T20 rules to avoid the mentally challenged from being confused, and most important of all, the abolishing of having a two innings per side final.

Teams looked forward to this as it was a day's entertainment late in the season. Starting at midday, it went on until the evening and the hosting club made a healthy profit at the bar and with catering.

Now the final is just a run of the mill 20 over single innings affair that is done and dusted in the space of a few hours.

So Liverpool Echo, if you read this, you have someone here who has the experience of running competitions and is willing to run the Liverpool Echo Invitation Cricket Knockout without the danger of shying off with pathetic excuses.

One thing Tom Evans, if you want to lift data from this website, please ask before you do it.

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