Batting points in 2nd and 3rd XI matches
Sunday 11th June 2021

Now that the season has passed the half way stage, we can look back and judge the ridiculous decision that was taken at the 2020 AGM to reduce the point at which teams start earning batting bonus points from 100 to 75 runs in 2nd and 3rd XI matches.

Clubs are asking why should teams be rewarded for reaching 75 instead of 100.

One said it's a stupid woke idea whereby you can't have a team being left with 0 points. If you are bothered about that, maybe it should be reduced to 50, or even 25. for the first point.

If teams can't reach 100, they don't deserve to be playing in the L&DCC.

At the other end of the spectrum, with the highest batting point level being reduced to 175, teams aren't being rewarded for reaching 200. Some adventurous teams are seeing the 175 mark as the point at which they should declare and create a greater chance of defeat.

Maybe the points system should go back to what it was pre 2020 and everybody will be happy.

There are instances where teams are repeatedly inputting incorrect points on ldcc.play-cricket.com and them not being corrected, if at all by the so called 'checkers'.

A fortnight ago, one club claimed both batting and bowling points after one of its teams had won their match.