Amending details to suit the occasion
Saturday 9th September 2021

Isn't it amazing that when an award and cheque for 150 are up for grabs, one's recollection of facts conveniently skips a few notches?

Lancashire Cricket has named the L&DCC's secretary as the recipient of their September Game Changer of the Month Award clearly based on information supplied to them.

The citation states that:

he has been secretary of the L&DCC since 1996, thereby 25 years service. WRONG he became secretary in late 2002. He wasn't heard of in 1996.

there are 43 clubs in the L&DCC. WRONG there's 35 full members and 4 associate members, making 39.

and that there are 13 senior leagues, WRONG AGAIN, there are 11, 3 1st XI, 3 2nd XI and 5 3rd XI.

The general thought across the L&DCC is that the award and cheque should be returned to Lancashire Cricket together with an apology for supplying misleading information.