How to create a Liverpool Echo KO fixture on

 Liverpool Echo Invitation Knockout Trophy 

How to create a fixture on ''
. . .
1. . Login to your club's '' website.
2. . Click on your name at top right and go into 'site administration'.
3. . Click on 'fixtures' on the left hand side.
4. . You will then see a blue panel at the top left saying 'Add New Fixture'. Click on that.
5. . A series of open boxes appears. Fill in each one and for type, chose 'Cup'.
6. . Where it asks for 'Pick League or Cup', click on 'Add Cup'.
7. . For name, put in 'Liverpool Echo KO' and then the round number. Click 'Save'.
8. . You will be asked to 'add new round'.
9. . Click the green tab marked 'Add' until the required round appears. Click on the 'hand'.
10. . This takes you back to the original page and click 'Save'.
11. . Fill in 'Edit Fixture' page and click 'Save'.
12. . The fixture will then appear on your 'Fixtures' page.