The Bradman Phenomenon
by Tony Shillinglaw and Brian Hale

Tony Shillinglaw and Brian Hale are former cricketers with Birkenhead Park CC in the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition in England. Tony also played Minor County cricket with Cheshire between 1959 and 1971.

For the last 20 years or so, they have been analysing the technique and success of Don Bradman.

a  The Bradman Phenomenon

b  Tendulkar - Bradman: A Clear Distinction of Method

c  The Weight of Bats

d  Don Bradman's ability to bat on and on

1  Bradman Revisited 2nd Edition - The Simplicity of Nature

2  Mind Game

3  Greg Chappell

4  Rotary Style

5  Why Misunderstood?

6  Continuous Rotary Batting Process

7  Final Chapter 2 - Nature's Way of Batting

8  The Essence of Don Bradman's Batting

9  Acknowledgements and Bibliography