The Bradman Phenomenon
by Tony Shillinglaw and Brian Hale

9 - Acknowledgements and Bibliography

Bradman - How To Play Cricket, Farewell To Cricket, The Art Of Cricket plus his own instructional video of his play
Our - Bradman Revisited, Control in Batting, Synopsis and Update
Bob Woolmer - Art and Science of Cricket
Greg Chappell - Greg Chappell on Coaching
CB Fry - Cricket - Batsmanship

Jack Potter - Inaugural Head Coach, Australian Cricket Academy. Sedburgh School (31st July 1997 and 3 subsequent meetings)
David Leighton - Lancashire CCC, Old Trafford (20th April 1998)
Gordon Lord - ECB Head of Elite Coaching Development - Old Trafford (11th October 2003) and Loughborough University (22nd October 2003)
Hugh Morris - ECB Director of Cricket - Loughborough University (22nd October 2003)
ECB CA National Conference - Warwick University (23rd November 2003). Talk - 'Understanding Greatness - Don Bradman'
Alan Campbell - High Performance Cricket Manager, NSW - Sydney Cricket Ground (January 2004)
Kevin Sharp - Coach, Yorkshire CC, Headingley (12th November 2009)
Paul Bryson - Lancashire CCC - my home at Upton and Birkenhead Park CC (9th November 2010)

People consulted
Geoffrey Boycott - wrote the foreword to 'Bradman Revisited' and has proved to be a regular source of great encouragement in our aims
The Bradman Museum - visited Bowral 8th-9th January 2004 and spoke to 'The Bradman Museum Society' - Richard Mulvaney, David Wells and Rina Hore have since offered every assistance
Met 'Museum' UK Representative John Grimsley (30th August 2010 at Worcester Cricket Ground)

Invaluable input has also been received from the following
cricket writers and journalists
Philip Derriman (Sydney Morning Herald),
Spiro Zavos (The Roar),
Christopher Martin-Jenkins (The Times)
David Frith (Founding Editor of Wisden Cricket Monthly)

Professor Timothy Noakes, Head of Department, Exercise and Sports Science, University of Cape Town
Professor Adrian Lees, Head of Centre, Exercise and Sports Science, Liverpool John Moores University
Professor Jeffrey Hill, Director International Centre for Sports History and Culture, de Montfort University, Leicester
Professor Carl Bridge, Head of Centre, School of Humanities, Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King's College, London. Spoke at 'Bradman Insights at Lord's Symposium' (6th June 2001)
Don Ambrose - Cricket Statistician and Historian
Keith Hayhurst - Lancashire CCC Historian, Old Trafford
Frank Davies - 'Chance to Shine'
Matthew Thacker - 'All out Cricket' - February 2007 edition:- Bradman and Ponting - there are similarities yet fundamental differences.
Tony Hemingway - Assistant General Secretary, English Schools Cricket Association (17th July 2000)
Damian Ryan - Channel 9 TV News Bulletin (6:00pm, 6th May 2000). Bradman film - Professor Adrian Lees, Liverpool John Moores University, Birkenhead Park CC and my home at Upton
Sky Television - May 2000. Interview Professor Lees, Liverpool John Moores University and ECB's John Abrahams. Film of back foot strokes - John (orthodox) and me (Bradman style)
Liam Fisher - Producer 'Talk Sport'. Brian and I took part on 'Hawkesby and Jacobs' show (1:30pm, 20th August 2003)

"If somebody in my line of business was performing 66% better than the rest, I should want to know what they were doing and how they did so." (Peter Booth - Bootle CC)

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