Notice board - May 2009
02950  Knockout round up: Bay and Ormskirk recover from early set backs; twins set up Rakers' win (Sunday 31st May 2009) 
02949  First Division: Madanayake stars with bat and ball for Wigan (Saturday 30th May 2009) 
02948  ECB Premier League: Rakers and Bay close gap on Bootle (Saturday 30th May 2009) 
02947  Latest message from the Hon Sec (Friday 29th May 2009) 
02946  Noffke operation revealed cancer scare (Friday 29th May 2009) 
02945  The weekend's matches (Friday 29th May 2009) 
02944  Cockspur Rum Club Twenty20 (Friday 29th May 2009)
02943  Creative writing (Thursday 28th May 2009)
02942  Cockspur Rum Club Twenty20 - umpires (Monday 25th May 2009)
02941  First Division: Liverpool draw after Davidson's all round show (Monday 25th May 2009) 
02940  ECB Premier League: Armstrong's return hits Northern for six (Monday 25th May 2009) 
02939  First Division: Wigan extend lead after Highfield draw (Saturday 23rd May 2009) 
02938  ECB Premier League: The Butler sees off the Sandgrounders (Saturday 23rd May 2009) 
02937  Rainhill have penalty point returned (Saturday 23rd May 2009) 
02936  The weekend's matches (Friday 22nd May 2009) 
02935  New signings on Tier 5 (Wednesday 20th May 2009) 
02934  First Division: Sean cashes in on Recs (Saturday 16th May 2009) 
02933  ECB Premier League: James Dixon on fire at Newton (Saturday 16th May 2009) 
02932  play-cricket rights withdrawn - again!! (Friday 15th May 2009)
02931  The weekend's matches (Friday 15th May 2009)
02930  Correct versions of knockout draws for 2009 (Tuesday 12th May 2009) 
02929  First Division: Nealey century takes Liverpool into top six (Saturday 9th May 2009) 
02928  ECB Premier League: All round Roberts stars for Rakers (Saturday 9th May 2009) 
02927  The weekend's matches (Friday 8th May 2009) 
02926  First Division: Skipper Houghton has Recs all of a spin (Monday 4th May 2009) 
02925  ECB Premier League: Rain forces draw after Snellgrove ton (Monday 4th May 2009) 
02924  First Division: Magnificent seven up for Liptrot (Saturday 2nd May 2009)   
02923  ECB Premier League: Formby destroy derby rivals (Saturday 2nd May 2009) 
02922  The weekend's matches (Friday 1st May 2009)