Notice board - May 2011
03819  Liverpool Competition players bowl out Yorkshire (Monday 30th May 2011)
03818  Second Division - Domigan ton dumps lowly Moorfield (Monday 30th May 2011)
03817  First Division - Shorrocks' 'Seven Up' takes Wigan to second place (Monday 30th May 2011)
03816  ECB Premier League - Ormskirk last pair hold on after Tipper century (Monday 30th May 2011)
03815  Rakers beat the deadline with Dewayne Bowden (Monday 30th May 2011)
03814  ECB National Club T20 second round - Sandgrounders lose to Northern (Sunday 29th May 2011)
03813  Second Division - Mullen's men are on the march (Saturday 28th May 2011)
03812  First Division - Lyon's dream afternoon wrecked by Becks (Saturday 28th May 2011)
03811  ECB Premier League - Ormskirk hit the top spot (Saturday 28th May 2011)
03810  1st XI league results at a glance (Saturday 28th May 2011)
03809  ECB National Club T20 second round - Newton win at Windleshaw (Friday 27th May 2011)
03808  Burscough CC to host Girls Summer Camp (Friday 27th May 2011)
03807  New LCB website launched (Friday 27th May 2011)
03806  The weekend's matches (Friday 27th May 2011)
03805  Player exposed for not being what he claimed to be (Friday 27th May 2011)
03804  ECB National Club T20 second round - Snellgrove has Rainhill in a spin (Thursday 26th May 2011)
03803  Tipper back leading Northern's batting (Thursday 26th May 2011)
03802  Robinson full of praise for Kerrigan (Thursday 26th May 2011)
03801  Fairweather's all round abilities too much for West Leigh (Wednesday 25th May 2011)
03800  F&R Secretary excluded from yet another meeting - 3rd XI fixture changes (Wednesday 25th May 2011)
03799  ECB National Club T20 second round match goes Rakers' way (Wednesday 25th May 2011)
03798  Cheetham to Moor Park, Oliver jumps back to Highfield (Wednesday 25th May 2011)
03797  ECB National Club T20 second round match tonight (Wednesday 25th May 2011)
03796  Lytham complete double Bank Holiday signing (Tuesday 24th May 2011) 
03795  LCB Over 50s XI returns to Formby (Tuesday 24th May 2011)
03794  The penalties of empire building (Sunday 22nd May 2011)
03793  ECB National Club Championship - 2nd round results (Sunday 22nd May 2011)
03792  Second Division - Hesketh win top of the table clash (Saturday 21st May 2011)
03791  First Division - Recs go top after high scoring match at Alder (Saturday 21st May 2011)
03790  ECB Premier League - Kerrigan and Caunce sew it up for Ormskirk (Saturday 21st May 2011)
03789  1st XI league results at a glance (Saturday 21st May 2011)
03788  Trinity withdraw 3rd XI immediately and apply to return to District League for 2012 (Saturday 21st May 2011)
03787  Bootle out of LCB Cup (Friday 20th May 2011)
03786  Formby have penalty point returned (Friday 20th May 2011)
03785  Look out for Maghull at the end of the season (Friday 20th May 2011)
03784  The weekend's matches (Friday 20th May 2011)
03783  ECB National Club T20 - Highfield through with a ball to spare (Thursday 19th May 2011)
03782  Former Maghull captain named in Irish squad (Thursday 19th May 2011)
03781  ECB National Club T20 first round at Highfield tonight (Thursday 19th May 2011)
03780  Unicorns at Shrewsbury School in June (Wednesday 18th May 2011)
03779  Performance camps at Highfield during half term holidays (Wednesday 18th May 2011)
03778  Ainsdale withdraw 3rd XI from Saturday First Division (Wednesday 18th May 2011)
03777  ECB National Club T20 second attempt goes Hightown's way (Tuesday 17th May 2011)
03776  Kerrigan listed as one of 'England's future heroes' (Tuesday 17th May 2011)
03775  Roses clash at Aigburth (Tuesday 17th May 2011)
03774  ECB National Club T20 second attempt (Tuesday 17th May 2011)
03773  False 'net run rates' on (Monday 16th May 2011)
03772  LCB Cup results - Sion Morris stars for Colwyn Bay (Sunday 15th May 2011)
03771  103 players in danger of losing category 1b and 3 (exempt) status (Sunday 15th May 2011)
03770  The start of the 'last hour' in 2nd and 3rd XI matches (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03769  Four in six for pensioner Smith (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03768  Second Division - 14 year old Noctor registers a century at Central Park (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03767  First Division - Shorrocks takes three wickets in four balls to seal Wigan win (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03766  ECB Premier League - Bailey blows away Newton's defence (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03765  1st XI league results at a glance (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03764  The Michael Roche Trophy for Under 15s (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03763  Warning to 1st XI captains - check over rates (Saturday 14th May 2011)
03762  Moorfield 2nd XI concedes match at Alder (Friday 13th May 2011)
03761  ECB National Club T20 result - abandoned (Friday 13th May 2011)
03760  ECB National Club T20 first round at Ainsdale tonight (Friday 13th May 2011)
03759  County cricket at Parkgate (Friday 13th May 2011)
03758  The weekend's matches (Friday 13th May 2011)
03757  Liverpool Echo Knockout results (Thursday 12th May 2011)
03756  James Dixon named in England squad (Thursday 12th May 2011)
03755  Haasbroek signs up at Moor Park (Thursday 12th May 2011)
03754  Northop Hall and Formby deducted points for slow over rates (Thursday 12th May 2011)
03753  Liverpool Echo Knockout matches tonight (Thursday 12th May 2011)
03752  Reply to the latest rant (Tuesday 10th May 2011)
03751  ECB National Club T20 first rounds (Monday 9th May 2011)
03750  Northern Nomads at Liverpool College - places available (Monday 9th May 2011)
03749  Seven up for Mattie at Kendal (Monday 9th May 2011)
03748  ECB National Club Championship - 1st round results (Sunday 8th May 2011)
03747  Liverpool Echo Knockout starts on Thursday (Sunday 8th May 2011)
03746  Scoreboards indicating the 'last hour' (Sunday 8th May 2011)
03745  Official title confirmation - reply (Sunday 8th May 2011)
03744  Second Division - Three winners on opening day (Saturday 7th May 2011)
03743  First Division - Liverpool and Wigan first week winners (Saturday 7th May 2011)
03742  ECB Premier League - Newcomers Rainford only winners (Saturday 7th May 2011)
03741  1st XI league results at a glance (Saturday 7th May 2011)
03740  Quote of the day (Saturday 7th May 2011)
03739  Kerrigan wipes away Warwickshire with a day to spare (Friday 6th May 2011)
03738  Overseas Players and Sports Visas (Friday 6th May 2011)
03737  Liverpool eliminated from Chester Cup (Friday 6th May 2011)
03736  Knockout draws and the exclusion of Formby (Friday 6th May 2011)
03735  The beautiful surroundings of Sefton Park Cricket Club (Friday 6th May 2011)
03734  ECB Premier League preview (Friday 6th May 2011)
03733  The weekend's matches (Friday 6th May 2011)
03732  Jye Sampson and Michael Bates make début at Colwyn Bay (Thursday 5th May 2011)
03731  The calculation of 'Net Run Rates' (Tuesday 3rd May 2011)
03730  Farnworth knock Lytham out of the Lancashire Cup (Monday 2nd May 2011)
03729  Teams that have qualified for the last sixteen of 1st and 2nd XI Knockouts (Sunday 1st May 2011)
03728  Ray Digman Trophy and Chester Cup draws (Sunday 1st May 2011)
03727  Ray Digman Knockout Trophy - week three (Sunday 1st May 2011)
03726  Chester Cup results (Saturday 30th April 2011/Sunday 1st May 2011)
03725  Ray Digman Knockout Trophy results (Saturday 30th April 2011)