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1. Introduction

1.1. Background

In season 2008 we successfully introduced an on line results collection system for both the L&DCC Saturday and Sunday 3rd XI leagues. We used ECB's play-cricket website to collect results and scorecards.

The reasoning behind this change was to lessen the burden of work on our Hon Fixtures and Results Secretaries, to enable a quicker and more efficient collection and publication of results, and to improve the quality and availability of statistics at 3rd XI level.

In 2009 use of play-cricket was extended into our 2nd and 1st XI leagues, albeit with differing administrative procedures. This guide is largely generic, and notes have been added where 3rd, 2nd and 1st XI procedures are known to differ.

1.2. Acknowledgements

Thanks are due to Chris Higginbottom, the webmaster of the Derbyshire Premier and County Leagues, who has compiled an extensive guide for the purposes of his clubs in Derbyshire.

Most of the information offered here is lifted from Chris's guide, which covers play-cricket in more detail than just Results submission.

Chris's guide can be found (but note that some of their procedures differ from ours) via the following link.
ECB (Derbyshire) Play-Cricket User Guide

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Acknowledgements
. .
2 Registering as a user
2.1 Registering as a user of play-cricket
2.2 Registering as a user of your club's site
2.3 Getting admin rights for your club's site
2.4 Links to clubs' play-cricket sites
2.5 Lost club administration access to play-cricket
. .
3 Selecting your team
3.1 Finding the fixture
3.2 Picking a team
3.3 Adding a player
3.4 Saving and publishing the team
. .
4 Setting up squad members
4.1 Editing a squad
. .
5 Inputting scoreboards
5.1 Finding the fixture
5.2 Inputting the summary result
5.2.1 Bonus points to be ENTERED
5.2.2 Which points NOT to enter
5.2.3 Special care - 'no decision' matches
5.2.4 The Highlights box
5.3 Checking the teams
5.4 Inputting the scorecards - batting
5.5 Inputting the scorecards - bowling
5.6 Viewing the scorecards
5.7 Away team checking scorecard
5.8 Both teams confirm the scorecard
5.9 Viewing the statistics